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Acne has always been a headache in almost every person’s life and so is to find a solution for it. There are several remedies considered as a remedy for acne in the initial step such as clarifying toner, salicylic acid face wash, and detoxifying face mask which may work wonders for many with acne-prone skin. There are several other pimple-busting products also available which don’t seem to work on the stubborn acne breakouts. At last, after trying out every possible option available for curing acne, acne treatment is certainly the next best step, in order to prevent the further growth of acne. While going for the acne treatment, there are several important things that should be discussed properly like the hormonal as well as the topical effects and the prescribed treatments along with your dermatologist. Below are some of the important things to be kept in mind before going for effective acne treatment in Kuala Lumpur:


effective acne treatment in Kuala Lumpur



Antibiotics work as the best medicine for some cases of acne. It is the best option to be open to all forms of treatment suggested by the dermatologist to cure the acne, until and useless there is some medical reason behind not doing so. Hence, you should be ready to try out any form of treatment such as antibiotics, hormonal treatments, or topical treatments.


Our skin is extremely sensitive and needs time to adapt to any new skincare regimen. The acne products make our skin even more sensitive in order to enhance the treatment and get it to work faster. Especially the combination type skin takes several attempts to find itself the right combination of treatment. There is really no such one product that suits all skin types and cures the breakouts.


Acne treatment is not effective unless it is used consistently. Try to be frank with your dermatologist about the lifestyle that you are living and so inform your dermatologist in case if you are facing any difficulty in taking some medication or applying anything on your skin. Simply avoiding the medications or not informing the dermatologist about your lifestyle will certainly do no good rather will decrease the chances of getting your skin cured.


Several treatment medications can increase the sensitivity of your skin to the sun thus causing sunburns and rashes.


Prolonged usage of antibiotics can tend to be harmful to the gut especially the protective microbiome. Hence, try to modify your diet and avoid unnecessary junk.


Try to stick to the plan given by the dermatologist. In order to see the results, it is a must for you to put in the effort, else everything will go in vain.


Past acne can also be triggered sometimes by few things. Hence, occasional breakouts can still occur even if the skin gets cleared up after the acne treatment. Some of the common triggers can include period cycle, stress, hormonal changes, exercise, friction, and even some foods.


Mixing all of the products all at once can be extremely harmful rather than doing any good. Hence, do not use more than one product or medication at the same time. This can lead to skin irritation and more severe breakouts.


Try to know the root cause of your acne outbreak that whether it is due to the hormonal imbalance or not as it will have to be corrected in the body in order to clear the acne. Do talk about the hormonal effects that will be caused in your body. Also, get detailed information about the actual dosage quantity and the time period for which the medications need to be taken. Prolonged usage of some medicines can tend to have a bad effect on your hormone level.


Try to avoid any sort of unnecessary medication with any prescription. Especially the unnecessary consumption of birth control pills should be avoided. Some birth control pills can make your acne even worse. Do discuss properly with your dermatologist about the medications.


A common myth has noticed that retinol products peeling or redness, you should stop using the retinol products. Retinol products have been a great help for many people in some of the worst situations. Whereas, some of the typical side effects that have been seen with the usage of retinol products are-tightness, dryness, redness, and peeling especially during the first usage.