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Hair Loss Treatment in Kuala Lumpur

hair loss treatment kl

Hair loss treatment in Kuala Lumpur led to be a very expensive and complicated procedure in the past. However at KL Dermatologist, we take pride in ensuring that your hair loss situation is rectified as quickly as possible in an affordable manner.

Losing hair can also be a stressful and anxious process over time, but fortunately there are several ways of preventing this from happening that you should follow. The majority of men will experience some form of hair loss in their lives. This is otherwise known as androgenetic alopecia, which is an inherited trait that comes around at the age of 50 for a large number of men.

At our treatment centre – KL Dermatologist Clinic in Kuala Lumpur, we will take you through a range of methods that can help you get your hair back in no time.

hair loss treatment kl

Hair Transplants | Hair Loss Treatment KL

hair transplant kl

An easy way out to fix the hair loss situation you may encounter is by simply having a hair transplant. This involves removing a portion of skin from the very back of your scalp, most likely where the lack of hair will be. Once this has been removed, you can reinsert new hair follicles into this part of the scalp, which will greatly help you with your hair loss. Having a hair transplant is one of the most popular methods, particularly because it is the quickest one that requires little waiting time to rectify a rapidly progressing hair loss situation, both for men and women.

There are other ways of having a hair transplant like, follicular unit extraction that involves removing hair follicles straight from the scalp to the bald areas. A downside of having a hair transplant is that they can be expensive and a daunting prospect, so there may be other ways that will suit you. They do class as surgery, so there may be a large queue before you can have your operation done.

hair loss treatment kl

Hair Loss Check up | Hair Loss Treatment KL

hair loss treatment kl

A check up at our transplant clinic in Kuala Lumpur will help you understand what the actual problem you have is and they we can find solutions to help you fix this. For example, you could be suffering from scalp psoriasis, lichen planus or maybe thyroid conditions, you never know until you get a check-up, so we highly recommend that you do this soon. Once you have established the actual issue, then it will be easier to recover your hair and find the most suitable solutions. It is hard to define what the issue is by yourself, so we recommend that you visit our clinic where we can show you the reason behind your hair loss problems

hair loss treatment kl

OTC Drugs and Prescription 

hair loss prescription

You can get drug prescriptions that can help you cope with hair loss from our KL Dermatologist clinic in Kuala Lumpur. For example, Finasteride can be a great addition because it is only a pill that you have to take daily. This will definitely help you in your battle to keep your hair. Or you can try Minoxidil which is a liquid foam drug used to treat male pattern baldness.

You need to apply it to your head at least twice a day and you should see a speedy recovery of your hair. Consistency with these drugs is key and you need to keep it up for a number of months to see the benefits of them. For best results we do recommend also scheduling your follow-up appointment at KL Dermatologist clinic periodically to ensure that our experienced doctors could check on the progress of the treatment accordingly.

hair loss treatment kl

Scalp Massage | Hair Loss Treatment KL

scalp massage hair loss kl

Having a scalp massage can often be a really therapeutic way of dealing with hair loss in Kuala Lumpur. In general, scalp massages are easy to access and are relatively affordable as well. It also leads to thicker and healthier hair that is more likely to not disappear. Regularly having these scalp massages will also help with the overall process of hair loss treatment, but isn’t the only answer and won’t be enough by itself to solve the issue.

Hence a proper diagnosis as well as structuring an effective hair loss treatment is critical to ensure the best results for your individual case – the best way to do this is to schedule your hair loss treatment appointment with us at KL Dermatologist clinic by clicking below.

hair loss treatment kl

Laser Treatment  | Hair Loss Treatment KL

hair loss laser treatment kl

Another method of rectifying your hair loss is through hair loss laser treatment in Kuala Lumpur. This is a newer method used to reduce the inflammation in follicles that keeps them from growing again, which ultimately helps reduce hair loss. This is a fairly new method; however, it has proven to be effective to help people recover their hair, so it could be worth giving it a go if you are searching for fast results.

However for best results, we recommend that you schedule your appointment with us at KL Dermatologist to do a quick assessment to see if you’re an ideal candidate for hair loss laser treatment in Kuala Lumpur.

hair loss treatment kl

General Tips | Hair Loss Treatment KL

hair loss treatment

In essence, there are a number of drugs and treatments that can be used in order to resolve the problem of hair loss in KL, however there are many things you can change to your lifestyle that will see improved results.

Exercising, quitting smoking, and keeping a balanced diet will all help massively, so keeping a healthy body and mind can be absolutely pivotal. By visiting our clinic KL Dermatologist in Kuala Lumpur, we can guide you towards recovering and protecting your hair in a safe and secure way. 

So go ahead and click below and schedule your appointment today!

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